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The Transition Network‘s recent film, ‘In Transition 2.0’ is now available to view below.  Some inspiring stories.


Transition Town Wandsworth are a group of local residents who want to think about the future of Wandsworth and how we can meet the challenges of Peak Oil, Climate Change and Economic Shocks and how they will effects the way we live, work, and organise our society in the coming decades.

We also think there is a great opportunity at this stage to choose how we rise to those challenges, so that we meet them positively and proactively create a better future for ourselves. If you’d like to read more about this, the Transition Network website has more detail about the aims and motivations of the worldwide network of Transition Towns.

Here’s how it all began..

Fascinating article by Dan O’Neill about the imminent implications of peak oil and why Transition Town Wandsworth was set up.

What do we do?

Our main project is the Community Garden near to Wandsworth Town rail station. If you’re interested in helping in the garden, want to know more about the project or how to set up greening your local space please contact us.

Energy:  We are part of CREW – Community Renewable Energy Wandsworth, with big plans for solar projects with a twist – creating energy but also raising money for Community funds.  Do get in touch if this is your line of interest.

We also put on events, mainly because they are fun, but also to spread the word about Transition.