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Community Renewable Energy Wandsworth

Inspired by the likes of Brixton Energy, we’ve joined forces with other Wandsworth groups, who are interested in reducing energy.  We are currently meeting regularly to plan solar projects in our Wandsworth neighbourhood.  We’re not only aiming to create more renewable energy but also provide community funds for the locals.

Do check out Plan Local‘s website for some really useful, clear videos about other groups who have put some energy projects together.

And let us know if you’d like to be involved –

Previous Events:

Exploring “The Oil Road” – Tues 5th Feb 2014

Co-hosted with Transition Town Tooting, Wandsworth Friends of the EarthTransition Town Wandsworth and Wandsworth Environmental Forum (WEF) this will be an exciting evening in which we will investigate the global ‘Carbon Web’, including oil and gas pipelines and shipping, investment banking, energy security, environmental degradation, and local social movements.

The evening will be a rare opportunity to meet James Marriott and Jane Trowell from Platform, the arts and activism group

James’ book ‘The Oil Road’ (co-written with Mika Minio-Palluelo) was published in September 2012.

The book explores (on the ground, politically, financially) British Petroleum’s $4 billion pipeline running from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean, which has become an icon of globalization. The authors trace the onward route of the oil and gas into central Europe, and to the financial hubs of the City of London.

Bringing a wealth of expertise, the authors look at the history and current reality behind the pipeline’s gleaming facade. Traveling along its route, they witness the financial, commercial and governmental forces and institutions behind it, and meet many people: local residents, oil and gas staff, whistleblowers, security forces…

And for extra local interest:
This evening is also a chance to reconnect with some of Platform’s work from 20 years ago, including the Delta project, part of their initiative to reveal London’s hidden rivers. This led to the creation of RENUE – a bold plan to install renewable energy systems in Wandsworth and Merton. Details of these past projects on the Platform website at

We will develop an involving evening with James and Jane to make the most of their visit to Wandsworth.


11 min video – definitely worth viewing!

Climate Change DO THE MATH! from Scientia Productions on Vimeo.

Why Wind Farms Won’t Work – an energetic discussion!

Come along for an energy debate to The Armoury Pub, Wandsworth on 9th July from 7-10pm.

Click HERE for more info.

NEW:  Carbon Conversations: starting 22nd February 2012

We’re planning to hold a series of fun and fascinating meetings for a small group of local residents (aged 18 – 100), exploring our response to climate change in a different way, focusing on values, feelings and lifestyle.

Plus, a chance to kick-start practical action to save carbon, and money on your bills.

Click for more information: Carbon Conversations Flyer.


We’d like to see if there are opportunities for Wandsworth with Re:New, the Mayor’s new home energy efficiency project:


Transition Lewes have been inspirational in setting up OVESCO, one of Britain’s first community-owned renewable energy providers.  Is this something that could happen in Wandsworth?

How can I get involved?