Interesting Links

There are so many people and organisations doing fascinating and inspiring things, in the environmental, low energy, water saving, food growing etc etc spheres.   So here is a batch of links to websites which might be helpful and interesting. 

Send in any more you can find.

From Transition Town, and Beyond!  



Transition Town founder, Rob Hopkins, explaining to the ‘great and the good’ at the annual TED conference, what it’s all about.

Carolyn Steel gives a fascinating insight into feeding cities

Cary Fowler is very moving as he presents the vaste global seed bank in Norway, “to save the world from agricultural collapse, one seed at a time”.



Food and Gardening Stuff

– Rob Hopkin’s blog – – is always fascinating, well-written and informative about new ideas that are evolving in the Transition movement.  The big picture. – An excellent blog from Jeremy Dore plus great planting design website (30 day free trial), great information about plants plus as you add them to your plan, it creates a plant list which has an annual growing schedule.

– Transition Town Brixton have compiled a useful guide called ‘How to Get a Community Garden Growing’. – I love this one!  It’s a South London collective that advises people on growing grapes in their back gardens – then collects them at harvest time and turns them into wine.  They have a Chateau Tooting!  Any chance for vines in our Community Garden?! – Chicago have a scheme to put gardens on empty, run-down spaces, even if they’re privately owned.  Apparently it doesn’t affect the owners’ rights to develop or sell at a later date – but in the meantime, they may as well do something useful with the land.  Interesting. – a guide to Pitcher Irrigation – an ancient watering system, using porous clay pots and pipes

New Tech / Low Tech – lots of innovative ideas from the past and the future – a cool idea: it looks like a traditional cardboard box but is impregnated with tree seeds.  Remove whatever was shipped inside the box, then tear it up, plant the pieces. – this may be controversial for some, but worth a look… – A San Francisco company that brokers group discounts for neighbourhoods to buy solar panels – London Electric Scooter company with portable batteries that you can plug in anywhere – presumably into your wind turbine too!

Community Recycling – JunkWize is a rubbish removal company based in London, running green vehicles for greener junk clearance.

www.ecomodo.comLend and Borrow each other’s everyday objects, skills and spaces with confidence. – Freecycle groups match people who have things they want to get rid of with people who can use them for FREE.   Their goal is to keep usable items out of landfills.

Holidays – without flights! – Alastair Sawday’s reknowned B&B listings, Special Places to Stay, has branched out into eco-holidays, with treehouses, wagons or yurts! – a fairly new company , The Pod, is camping but in a well-built, stylish, insulated wooden hut.

3 Responses to Interesting Links

  1. Mark Haworth-Booth says:

    Are you in touch with the Wandsworth Society? If not, they do valuable heavy lifting in terms of town planning issues which are key to sustainable living in SW London. Mark

  2. Alex Denne says:

    So glad to see this website and to hear about the Bramworth Community Garden! Amazing stuff. I have been thinking about embracing the common sash-windows + wide windowsills of Wandsworth and getting whole streets to put out window-sill flowerpots planted with herbs such as mint or rosemary. Hardy, aromatic and edible plants to turn a street full of bland window sills into beautiful herb gardens. I’m not sure where to begin but would love to talk to someone about this!
    Alex – Montefiore Street

    • ttwandsworth says:

      Great to hear your enthusiasm for Bramford Community Garden. And wonderful herby idea for the Wandsworth windowsills!

      I will pass on your message to one of our members who I’m sure would be interested to hear more and perhaps help with plants.
      Our email is

      All the best

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